Safe Work / Mental Health Awareness Month October 2023

Mental Health Awareness Month

Get ready for National Safe Work Month this October 2023

June 2023

National Safe Work/Mental Health Awareness Month will be here in no time, so get in early and start planning your event today.

National worksafe month weekly themes are:

Week 1 (1-8 October)– Working together to manage risks at work
Week 2 (9-15 October)– Working together to protect workers’ mental health
Week 3 (16-22 October) – Working together to support all workers
Week 4 (23-31 October) – Working together to ensure a safe and healthy workplace

SmartCulture to present

SmartCulture’s founder Karen Maher was recently named as one of Ovations International top speakers in the Health & Safety / Mental Health arena.

Karen was very humbled to be part of this great line of up of speakers covering such an important area.  Hiring a motivational speaker for safe work month is a great way to raise awareness and give your leaders and employees important insight into creating a safe and healthy working environment.

Karen’s Keynote – Creating a “Speak Up Culture”

The fear of speaking up in our workplaces is still very real and we all know the consequences that can occur within organisations when people don’t feel safe and supported to speak up about concerns they have. Having a workplace where people can speak freely without fear of humiliation, punishment or other negative consequences, is important for people to feel empowered to share their perspectives and ideas.

With changes to how organisations must manage psychosocial hazards now in place, the keynote ‘Psychological Safety – Creating a Speak Up Culture’ has been a really popular choice with our clients. In this keynote, Karen takes a deep dive into ‘psychological safety’, explaining what it is, and how we can create and instil this important concept within our workplaces.

Other important topics that Karen can present to your group include:

  • Workplace Bystanders – Putting a Stop to Poor Behaviours for Good;
  • Saying “goodbye” to sexual harassment and ‘hello’ to respect at work;
  • Creating a SmartCulture® – Because good culture is good business; and
  • Workplace Bullying is on the rise – Time to put a lid on it

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