Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Leaders

face-to-face/virtual live – 1/2 day course

SmartCulture® sexual harassment prevention training for leaders

Sexual harassment in the workplace continues to be serious problem within many Australian workplaces. The Australian Human Rights Commission National Inquiry on Sexual Harassment in Australian Workplaces (March 2020) found that it is still everywhere, in every industry, at every level.

Raising awareness and education is fundamental in preventing sexual harassment. We focus on the importance of great leadership, a positive safe culture, avoiding victimisation and empowering bystanders to support affected persons.

About this course

This premium half-day course was developed for leaders by WHS + culture industry expert Karen Maher. It is designed to deepen their understanding of sexual harassment, strengthen approaches around responding to concerns and ultimately work towards effective prevention of this serious issue.

This course is created in alignment with our SmartCulture® solution – developed based on years of research, cases and best practice in these key risk areas – with 5 components – safety, measurable, awareness, respect and team. It focuses on the importance of great leadership and being proactive, providing your leaders with the necessary awareness and knowledge to work at preventing and managing concerns appropriately at their respective levels in your organisation. It covers the potential consequences for both individuals and your organisation if things go ‘wrong’ and how to avoid this happening. Importantly, the course will also be tailored to align with your organisation’s policies and procedures and explain what an individual can do if they are concerned about behaviours at work.

FAQs, Topics Covered & Assessment

This course covers all of the foundation information on workplace sexual harassment and then adds an important leadership layer across the top. It covers what to do if you or a team member has a concern, how as a leader to respond to a concern, key duties and prevention strategies. 

About our facilitators

Karen Maher is our lead facilitator and heads up our training team of industry specialists. Karen has been specialising in the WHS + Culture space since 2003. Starting out as a lawyer then leaving the law to work with organisations to ‘get ahead of the game’ and prevent unsafe and poor workplace behaviours. 

Karen has worked on over 300 cases in Australia and the UK as either a lawyer, consultant or as an investigator, up to and including workplace fatalities. She has been developing training programs and strategy in this space for over 12 years, training all levels of organisations from shop floor to executive/board level. Karen is a respected and trusted industry professional and is also a keynote speaker. She has trained tens of thousands of people over her career within hundreds of organisations across Australia in almost every industry.

What people say they enjoy most is hearing our facilitator’s real-life case stories and insight, often with the effect of shifting their mindsets to be more respectful & safe at work. 

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    Fees Per 1.5-3hr Course
    Start at $6000 (+GST) Fees start at $6000 (+GST) per course. Fees will depend on course size numbers.

    Included in our fee is a
    Pre-Program Conference

    We speak with you to gain a proper understanding of your organisation,
    your training goals/risk areas, systems and processes.

    This provides us with critical insight and information to develop a program
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    You’re in good company

    Such a heavy and important topic you delivered it perfectly

    “I’ve received such wonderful feedback on the training. Not just after the sessions but it is still something we talk about and refer to constantly. What is such a heavy and important topic you delivered it perfectly and I can’t wait to use SmartCulture again.”

    BBC Studios

    Delivered an exceptional program

    “At Stedmans, we were looking to improve our workplace culture and introduce a bullying and harassment program for all of our staff. Due to the nature of our business model we needed someone who could drive this and had a solid understanding of the hospitality sector. Karen came to the table with this experience and was able to deliver an exceptional program. Not only does Karen have experience in hospitality and law, she also has a great deal of compassion and is someone I can trust implicitly to deliver an exceptional training product”.

    Stedmans Hospitality Services

    Entertaining, informative and thought provoking

    “Karen Maher from SmartCulture presented a Bullying workshop for all staff at the Shoalhaven Region Anglican Schools which was entertaining, informational and thought-provoking. Included were examples relevant to our workplace and Karen’s attention to detail was meticulous, making sure that the presentation was tailored to our needs. I would thoroughly recommend this presentation for those wishing to deal with the issue of bullying in the workplace”.

    Shoalhaven Region Anglican Schools

    Our senior managers were engaged and we were very impressed

    “Communication with Karen was so thorough and efficient from the start. She took the time to understand our business in a pre-training conference and the training was tailored specifically for our workplace. Our senior managers were engaged in the training and we were very impressed with Karen’s experience and passion to prevent bullying and harassment in the workplace before it’s too late. If you are looking to get your management team on board with preventing bullying in your workplace do not look past Karen’s training”.

    SIKA Australia, NSW

    One of the best training sessions I have ever attended

    “It’s been such a pleasure working with you and SmartCulture, if I ever need Workplace Bullying / Harassment training or any other training that you offer you will be first on my list of people to call. It was one of the best training sessions I have ever attended, and so many people took valuable lessons away from it. I had the Pool Leisure Coordinator tell me that the attitude changed the next day in his team, it’s been so successful so thank you”.

    Port Hedland Local Council

    An engaging communicator


    “Karen Maher is an engaging communicator who is extremely passionate and well-informed; evident in the way she discusses topics and the breadth of the knowledge she imparts. We have had  excellent feedback from many staff who attended the training, including our own CEO, about how the training was run. This training will allow us to cultivate a more informed, respectful workforce”.

    Ainslie Group