Bullying prevention training course for leaders – Face to Face

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SmartCulture® bullying & harassment prevention course for leaders

Now more than ever we need our leaders in Australian workplaces to be great, respectful and safe. This starts with educating them and providing practical guidance and tools to understand the risks of poor and unsafe workplace behaviours. This paves the way for them to ‘Walk the Talk’, manage concerns appropriately and ultimately – prevent poor behaviours in the first place.

Great workplace cultures rely on great leaders. Let’s get them off to a great start with this course.

About this course

This premium half-day course was developed by WHS + culture industry expert Karen Maher to raise awareness and provide key information to Australian leaders on building a great workplace culture and preventing poor and unsafe behaviours like bullying, harassment, sexual harassment and racial discrimination.

Leaders need practical guidance and tools to be great in this space. This program adds an extra leadership layer to the employee course – guiding your leaders to be proactive, supportive and have the tools to respond to any concerns promptly, fairly and appropriately.

This course is created in alignment with our SmartCulture® solution – developed based on years of research, cases and best practice in these key risk areas – with 5 components – safety, measurable, awareness, respect and team. It is up-to-date with recent research and cases in Australia and overseas – for e.g covering the emerging role of active bystanders and recent research, recommendations and updates in the area of sexual harassment.

FAQs, Topics Covered & Assessment

This course covers all of the foundation information on workplace bullying and harassment, including a strong focus on sexual harassment, then adds an important leadership layer across the top. It covers what to do if you or a team member has a concern, how as a leader to respond to a concern, key duties and prevention strategies. 

About our facilitators

Karen Maher is our lead facilitator and heads up our training team of industry specialists. Karen has been specialising in the WHS + Culture space since 2003. Starting out as a lawyer then leaving the law to work with organisations to ‘get ahead of the game’ and prevent unsafe and poor workplace behaviours. 

Karen has worked on over 300 cases in Australia and the UK as either a lawyer, consultant or as an investigator, up to and including workplace fatalities. She has been developing training programs and strategy in this space for over 12 years, training all levels of organisations from shop floor to executive/board level. Karen is a respected and trusted industry professional and is also a keynote speaker. She has trained tens of thousands of people over her career within hundreds of organisations across Australia in almost every industry.

What people say they enjoy most is hearing our facilitator’s real-life case stories and insight, often with the effect of shifting their mindsets to be more respectful & safe at work. 

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