Relying on individual complaints has failed

Relying on individual (bullying & harassment) complaints has failed

This quote from the AHRC’s Respect@Work Inquiry report encapsulates the entire report.

The reactive model of relying on individuals to make a complaint of sexual harassment has truly failed (and continues to do so).

Question is, what are we all doing now to get on the front foot? What are we doing that is ‘radically different’? As recommended by the report – building a (thoughtful and practical) workplace prevention and response framework to effectively address to sexual harassment is a great place to start.

I am loving working with engaged senior leaders and boards across Australia right now, from local/state/federal government to retail, manufacturing, hospitality starting to get this done, educating, fixing complaints processes, empowering bystanders.

It starts at the top, and it starts with education. What is your organisation doing right now that is ‘radically different’?

Karen Maher
WHS + Culture Consultant | Keynote Speaker

3 February 2022