Consent Education: A Huge Win

Consent Education: A huge win and hope for monumental change

From 2023, School curriculums to implement holistic and age appropriate consent education in Australian Schools

Feb 2022

One year after Chanel Contos launched her consent education petition, there has been unanimous commitment from all education ministers that school curriculums will implement ‘holistic and age appropriate consent education’ in Australian school curriculums from 2023.

We are hopeful that the flow-on effect from this will be a major shift in our societal values.

Chanel Contos and her dedicated volunteers received more than 6,700 anonymous testimonies of sexual assault, including 200 that had occurred in a school setting. This is not acceptable. Gendered stereotypes, coercion and power imbalances will be topics included in the comprehensive consent education provided from 2023. Education is key to bringing about real change and consent education in particular is vital in order to establish a respectful society. It really goes to the core.

A huge thank you to Chanel Contos and the Teach.Us.Consent. team. Our children will know the importance of consent, because of your dedication and commitment. Well done on such impactful change!

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