The game plan

SmartCulture® Strategy

Creating and maintaining a safe and respectful culture is not magic. It takes thought, commitment and planning.

Let’s Talk Strategy!

Creating and maintaining a safe and respectful workplace culture is not magic. It takes thought, commitment and planning. 

Awareness training is very important, however it is only one piece of the puzzle. 

Training can create excellent momentum, then we need to harness that momentum and put the new ideas and mindsets into action or we risk staying in the same place. 

We offer customised strategy sessions and consulting solutions to partner with your organisation to get ahead of the game with your culture and psychological health and safety. 

“Great workplace cultures are designed”

Our partnering options include:


Diagnosing the real issues

Through our SmartCulture® Reviews (review, gap analysis and audit programs). 


Momentum sessions

Working with Karen Maher pre and post training programs to ensure your teams and leaders are accountable, keep learning and stay on track.


Increasing education

Developing specific education programs for key levels customised to your organisation, for e.g. Board training, People & Culture/HR team/Safety team specialised training.


Strategy and implementation

Developing strategy and planning around workplace culture and safety to make sure your organisation stays focused on the right areas, for e.g. strategy development, SmartCulture® Plans and the option for regular accountability and coaching sessions through our SmartCulture® in Residence program.

Sound good?

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